Project Description

LeadBoxer (est. 2014)

Core team:
Wart Fransen, Eddy Moojen, Cralan Deutch

B2B lead generation with actionable insights.
Automated b2b leads from your site. LeadBoxer build tools to help businesses make informed management & sales decisions in a secure environment. By storing millions of user profiles and clickstreams, combined with the latest data-protection technology, LeadBoxer delivers access to unparalleled visitor profile data in a concise, user-friendly format.

Business model:
SAAS model. Activation of clients primarily via online marketing and an eco-system of alliances.

Contribution of The Hatch Firm:
Together with the seasoned management team The Hatch Firm will hatch the inside advantage of LeadBoxer. The contribution of The Hatch Firm will focus on sales and KPI reporting.


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