Project Description

MyPup (est. 2013)

Core team:
Luke van der Wardt & Martijn van Schaveren

E-logistics focussed on the last mile delivery.
Use MYPUP to receive and dispatch all your parcels at and from the office in an easy way.
The smart locker technology of MYPUP can be used for distribution of goods; E-commerce 2 employee, employee 2 employee, employer 2 employee, business 2 customer, etc.

Business model:
Recurring revenue model. Rental of hardware in combination with SAAS model for smart access of the lockers.

Contribution of The Hatch Firm:
Together with the core team we hatch the inside advantage of MYPUP. There is a proven demand for the solution of MYPUP. The roll out in the Dutch market is used to define the playbook for international roll out. Contribution of the Hatch Firm is focused on business planning, network and defining the elements of the playbook.

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